Tricep Kickbacks

Massive and enormous shoutout to my mother and sister, who have both started low-carb living today. They’re in the early stages but I’m so glad that something I’ve done has had such a positive influence.

It’s a big signpost for me too - since I stopped running/doing weights/doing yoga every day the concept of healthy living seems a lot more approachable to them. Which is good for all of us! I still love to run and work out but taking a break while I’m home just to experience the other side of my life is wonderful. I’m about half-way through a book I planned for ages and being back into writing and painting is just as joyful as running and exercising.

Oh my goodness

So I’m right in the last stages of my visa application - I’ve had the medical, done every last form, and now just waiting to get my date scheduled. I’m definitely going to be gone by September 27th, which is so exciting! 

However, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday today so I feel so sad that the visa didn’t get processed just the slightest bit quicker. I miss spending time with him so, so much. I miss my gorgeous boyfriend!

Today I found out the reason I haven’t recieved a letter I expected is because my address is still set to my old address though! I panicked for hours trying to get it changed but thankfully I just found out that my flatmate’s girlfriend is still at the house so she’s going to check the mail later.

Phew! All getting done.

First run since I got back from New Orleans today. It was definitely hard - 6 weeks of drinking and smoking definitely make it hard to get back into running daily!
I’m currently waiting for my US Visa and have around three months to wait at this point. My boyfriend is flying here next Friday for my graduation and ill be struggling to keep fit but it should be a fun challenge!
While in NOLA I found it super hard to run because of the heat and humidity, but we got really into taking long morning walks. I think we’ll be keeping that up when he’s here!